Its when you start believing in the change you want to see, that is when you will make it happen

As long AS you’re ALIVE, you have the ability to THRIVE!!!!     CEO/Founder Decker

It's not about training HARDER its about training SMARTER

At AWATfit we workout your bodies from the bone out. It’s in the building of the foundation that our flexibility, agility, strength and endurance derive from.

Our Services

“Isn’t it time to break away from the monotony, and find out just what your body can do? The new AWATFIT , LOCATED in Sag Harbor, is where clients can be assured their privacy.” As AWAT brings the TRAINING to you 24/7, 365 days a year

Rich Decker

Rich Decker

Group Training

Group Training

ABOUT RICH DECKER Rich Decker has been affiliated in the fitness industry for 30 years.

Personal Training

Personal Training

The Awatfit offers three Personal Training levels. Get Started today!

Get out of your

Comfort Zone

Hey, no one ever said getting an awesome, healthy body was easy.
that’s why the word work is in working out.

Are you ready to be amazed?


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At awatfit, we provide you
the best sport environment

AWATfit is the best way to get a time efficient workout at your own home. We bring our AWAT TRUCK that is  fully equipped to meet all your training needs such as: flexibility, agility, suspension, strength, cardiovascular and core workouts. No more traffic and hassle finding parking and waiting to check in, or crowded busy classrooms. The environment is yours, with you being in control of who and how many friends and family you would like to join.  At AWATfit we believe fitness should be fun and of course a little competitive for your enjoyment.


  • “There isn’t a fitness studio on the East End that offers what The Decker Method does. Between the privacy of the spacious, light-filled studio and the state-of-the art equipment for resistance training, the studio can’t be compared to any other. Rich Decker is the Hamptons best kept secret!
    There’s nothing like being able to workout without encumbrances and distractions encountered in other gyms. For any woman (or man) who might be a self-conscious working out in front of a room full people, you can appreciate the one-on-one training offered here even more. By using Decker’s philosophy of which U R The Machine, I was impressed at the fast results I saw!”

    "Taylor Vescey, East Hampton Patch"
    9-5 Worker
  • “I began working with Rich because I was unable to achieve my goals on my own: Increase my strength and endurance, and lose weight and improve the look of my body.
    Within 6 months,
    the change was dramatic (reduced 4 pants sizes!). Rich is totally professional, knowledgable, inspirational and motivational.
    Three years later
    I’m still a “disciple”. The “Decker Method” works!”

    Rob Likoff, Easthampton NY
  • “While I was only first introduced to Decker this summer, I feel like I’ve known him forever. Being a college athlete I was looking for the best place to train at and I instantly found my home at The Decker Method. Not only is it the most amazing environment to train at, but Decker pushes me to my limit both physically and mentally. He is much more than a trainer. He helps instill in me the right mindset to train and compete and most importantly the keys to recovery so that I can come back the next day and feel fresh and ready to go again. Decker cares about each person that steps into the studio. I feel very lucky to work with the guy that brings an infectious energy and motivation each and every day to make me better.”

    Johnny Nierenberg, Wainscott NY