While the gym industry has struggled during the pandemic, one entrepreneur is bringing the gym straight to the great outdoors. 

A recent research study that surveyed 2,000 Americans found almost a quarter of them have no interest in returning to their gym post-coronavirus. One in three said they will be less likely to go.

Rich speaks with Charles N. Internicola, Esq. and Nick Powills, CFE about this mobile gym experience.

“Whether you’re a professional athlete or just trying to get some exercise in after work, the one thing that everyone hates about going to the gym is the environment — running in place, staring at walls, and now germs.”

The fitness industry veteran explained the opportunity of working out outside saying, “The three reasons scientifically proven are that if you work out outdoors it improves your energy, improves your mood while increasing your energy and reduces depression.”

The AWATfit concept is relatively simple, but upon closer inspection, the truck contains a few surprises and Decker’s 20 years worth of expertise—years of indoor and outdoor workouts, private training, and owning gyms.